Our team has had the pleasure to work with 100's of companies:

The Gartner Research Group says Internet based businesses are the fastest growing and one of the most profitable and interesting businesses available. OctaPoint high margin dealerships are not exclusively for technology buffs. OctaPoint has simplified the use of leading technologies for dealers who will service small and medium sized businesses. Small and medium sized enterprises have a high need for OctaPoint services because they cannot afford the salaries required by high-priced technology personnel.

We have premier dealerships available NOW!

We work with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, Cisco and other well known brands to build your dealership into a successful technology based business. We back all our new dealerships with a full money back, 2 year guarantee. We are so confident in our dealership programs that if you decide after 2 years that this is not the opportunity for you, we will give 100% of your investment back. 100% guaranteed. This is not offered by any other company in the market. Contact us today!