Our team has had the pleasure to work with 100's of companies:

Not Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

SEO is old school. We practice Internet Optimization. This is a far more effective means to expand your business. Powerful optimization software can continually determine where you are ranked on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Once ranked it compares your web sites link rate and key word density to those in the top 10 spots. Then you make corrections so you become a top ten site in your key word spectrum. Stop spending time becoming a expert when the search engines change their algorithms every three months. Let OctaPoint and our specialized software do the work for you!

OctaPoint offers software for search engine optimization and for other software projects including, antivirus, anti-spyware, office productivity (Microsoft Office), Database management, Accounting systems and other software services needed by small and medium sized businesses. OctaPoint also offers all your hardware needs including Dell and Compaq computers and servers, Network management, firewalls and wireless products form major brand name companies.

Internet optimization is a recent expertise and a specialty eMarketing skill set that is complicated yet critical to eMarketing mastery. OctaPoint understands that the market needs to have a performance commitment, so we have introduced a money back guarantee. Our guarantee is our commitment that you will be seen on the first page of a search engine within your chosen internet space and market.

The risk is shared by OctaPoint. We feel this is important because we want to be a long term partner. We give you the straight talk you need so that we can cut through the mythology that exists on internet optimization. We give the facts and back that up with a guarantee. If we are not up to date on our optimization efforts then you get your optimization money back. Trust our capabilities! Contact Us at OctaPoint today and we can discover how our team can work with your team to improve your top line