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OK. Now you are pulling my leg.

This is not a Hollywood horror flick. Spiders are coming to your website daily and you are not even aware. Google uses spiders (Internet Ranking Algorithms) to rank your web page. Internet robots and spiders are a common occurrence these days. Most are friendly and are used to track information to make sense of the billions of web pages on the global internet. Your Robotic-spiders, as the word suggests, are reliable and tireless digital sentries that work for you to help make your life as a marketer or sales person easier and more productive. Will spiders change your business? YES. In most circumstances our spiders will find leads and competitive information and bring this information to you in an automated fashion.

Our clients say that using our OctaPoint OctaBots is easy. Our user interface allows this very sophisticated technology to be used in a simple user interface. Marketing and sales efforts are the heart of an organizations business success. Busy sales and marketing people do not have the time, or patience, to learn an entire new technology. At OctaPoint we appreciate this and have designed our technology to be simple to use on a day to day basis.

OctaBots come pre-programmed for your business. We allow you to work while our OctaBots do their work. When a new business opportunity or competitive intelligence source is found you are notified. We can provide a simple results environment that you can use daily. Our Mind mapping software also allows you to see results in a format that is both logical and laterally intelligent. The OctaPoint functionality can map directly to our Mind Mapping software or to your CRM software. We can also map to an Excel sheet or a Word Document. You decide and we can accommodate your needs.

OctaPoint OctaBots, once programmed, will spider the internet search engines and locate the information you need. The OctaPoint technology uses sophisticated algorithms and Ontologies (Rules) to provide results that will impress even the most techno-phobic individual.

You will not require additional infrastructures or additional hardware because we are not a search engine which requires huge investments in server infrastructures. OctaPoint maps to search engines and uses our unique Info-glut finders and filters to provide the opportunities you require.

Give us a test ride and you will never look back!

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