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Mastery in eMarketing is a constantly changing skill set. Internet search engines and many internet performance indicators change rapidly. In fact major internet changes can occur every three months. It is difficult for marketing professionals to spend the time to keep on top of the rapid changes in this marketing environment.

eMarketing includes all aspects of electronic marketing including eNewsletters, eMail Campaigns, eFax Campaigns and Internet Optimization. If you have a web site rich in interaction and information but no one can find you, then you have wasted time and resource. If your target audience has found your web site but has difficulty navigating and interacting with the site then you will loose them in one click. What is your lead generation or contact strategy? Does the web site execution support this? What is your Internet strategy?

It is critical to understand and take advantage of search engine marketing. When your target audience uses a search engine to find a solution to their problem they are actively seeking to do business.

What better way to engage a new prospect...when they are actively looking for a solution you provide!!

These are the most pervasive issues organizations need to discover and resolve in their eMarketing strategy.

There are thousands of web site developers, thousands of hosting possibilities and 10 billion web pages. How do you take advantage of the crowded Internet medium without spending huge amounts of your budget and without getting lost in the process?

OctaPoint experts have mastered eMarketing strategies. We have completed millions of searches. We have a full understanding of how search engines work. We keep on top of the frequent changes to the Internet market and search engine algorithms and processes.

"OctaPoint guarantees that you will be at the top of the search engines pertinent to your business and that new business will be generated from your  internet optimization strategy" -

OctaPoint CEO David Hayes

We are the only organization that can make this guarantee and mean it. We refund all your money if we can not achieve our search engine position promise and we put this in writing. We work with you to maximize and optimize your: website, search criteria, search engine position and your electronic marketing strategy.

eMarketing skill sets need to constantly evolve. In fact in the Internet world it is less an evolution and more of a revolution. The new search engine algorithms change often as do the features of their classification mandates. eMarketing is both strategic and tactical.

The Google-Bot and Inktomi search algorithms are two of the many algorithms you need to be mindful of when contemplating your eMarketing strategy. Key word density, site relevance, site speed, link strategy and many other parameters are essential to understand. All this must link to your business objectives and strategy before you spend time and money on your eMarketing budget.

Contact Us at OctaPoint today and we can discover how our team can work with your team to improve your top line.

Engineered Sales:

Our engineered sales methodology has helped many organizations increase the performance of their sales efforts and bring their sales to new heights. A stringent methodology allows performance measures to track and improve sales performance. We help you remove some of the "art" in selling and add "science" to ensure you grow quickly and in a profitable manner.

OctaPoint has experts who have studied the theories of selling. More importantly we have years of real world experience that enables us to gain our customers significant growth. OctaPoint professionals will work on your site. This capability allows us to work with your sales team so that we can quickly learn about your companies' products and services. A simple diagram can not show all our techniques so please contact us for more information.