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OctaPoint Full Service Technology Provider

OctaPoint is a full service technology provider that utilizes our proprietary business process that specifically caters to the small and medium sized enterprise (SME). OctaPoint was founded on the real world needs of small and medium sized enterprise or business (SME). Many SME's are focused on their immediate business and need assistance in leveraging technology to help them grow. Internet optimization is a new means for businesses to find new business, check on their competition and generate new ideas for their existing business. OctaPoint serves the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) by offering web site and internet optimization products and services that make you stand out in a crowd of 10 billion web pages!
Perhaps an OctaPoint digital spider is needed to automatically monitor competitors. Generating leads is another OctaPoint product and service offering that is important for the SME. If you are an SME and you use the yellow pages to gain leads, you may have noticed a reduction oft 30%-80% of your lead traffic over the past few years. Why? This is because the new search engines (Google/Yahoo) now provide local search capabilities and 73% of customers use these search engines to locate suppliers and local information. In this information age we optimize your website and your ability to be found within your local internet community.
Extensive Complement of eLearning Courses
OctaPoint does not stop at internet optimization. We offer the largest eLearning complement of courses. In fact we have over 1235 fully activated internet courses relevant to the SME market. These courses are internationally acclaimed and will allow your employees to learn the most important aspects of their jobs while they are in the office. The curriculum is focused on the SME market. These courses are at a cost and convenience that will improve your employees' competency, motivation and their knowledge of your business. An example of our curriculum includes Microsoft courses, sales and marketing courses, accounting and other important knowledge relevant to the SME market.
Substantial Savings with VOIP
We also offer SME's Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) product and services. What is the value here? VOIP is essentially internet telephones. Savings of 30%-50%  in long distance and local call rates is very appealing to many SME's. VOIP is no longer a new technology. In fact, it is over ten years old and gaining solid growth. An excellent option for SMEs who have high phone billings.
Major Software and Hardware Brands
OctaPoint also services Microsoft software and major brands of Hardware (Dell, HP, Compaq, Nortel, Cisco) — a staple in most organizations. We also service virus protection software, server software and Enterprise Resource Planning software. Clients take advantage of our volume purchasing power and save not only because of lower costs but also because their technology is in the competent hands of highly expert technology professionals. We can manage your network and existing phone equipment for you.


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